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Digital Marketing

The purpose of a digital marketing strategy is to reach your audience and achieve the results you want. What social media platforms you use will depend on the goals that you wish to achieve.

The internet is growing day by day, and its become a very powerful marketing tool. Google itself is the most used search engine on the web, if you have good rankings for highly searched keywords on Google you are bound to get a huge amount of traffic and if the site was developed correctly sales will become of the traffic.

InfoFace will work out a digital marketing strategy that is tailored to meet your needs and which offers measurable results. There is no, one answer to a successful digital marketing strategy. We use the systematic process of trial and error to find effective solutions for improvement.

Search Engine Optimisation

To achieve high search engine rankings, certain features of your website must be optimised to make the site as search engine friendly as possible.

Our team of experts research, analyse and evaluate your search engine listing positions to benchmark existing rankings and produce a detailed plan of what is needed to reach the top of the search engines. read more

Social Media Marketing

Social Media in your business should be an integral part of your online marketing. With social media becoming increasingly important for businesses, an opportunity exists to directly listen to and engage with your clients.

Whether complementing or complaining, your customers are already talking to each other and to your competition. Social media offers valuable insights into your customer’s views, opinions and how they make purchases online. read more

Pay Per Click (PPC) 

Pay per click (PPC) advertising, if managed correctly, is one of the very best online marketing methods that is currently available to any business with a website.

Achieve instant online visibility with a pay per click advertising campaign. PPC is a flexible marketing tool which can be switched on and off as per your requirements.

PPC campaigns work well running on their own or alongside a full-scale SEO campaign. PPC gives you full control over your budget for complete peace of mind. read more

Mobile SEO - Visibility on the move

The mobile web, and therefore mobile SEO, is developing fast. With mobile internet predicted to overtake desktop usage in the next couple of years, now is the time to start optimising your website to make sure you can be easily found whilst your target audience is on the move. read more