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A dedicated offshore development team is the best approach for clients having Projects which are critical from the point of view of time, scope, technicality or intellectual property considerations

Infoface serves you with the ability to have quality IT resources working offshore for your organization like an extension of your in-house teams, using following facilities:  

  • Infoface’s World Class infrastructure and office facility in India.
  • Replication of production environment.
  • Using secure internet technologies, encryption, and virtual private networks to enable offshore staff to directly work on the systems in your office.
  • Use of web-based tools to manage projects, tasks, and documents between your managers and offshore team members.
  • Offshore team members from Infoface conduct themselves as if they are part of your own team, and adopt your corporate culture, values and goals.

In this mode of offshore IT staffing, remote hire programmers; remote hire web developers; remote PHP programmers; remote ASP.Net developers. Assume you want to rent a programmer for a certain number of projects during a specified period of time. In such a scenario, we point you to the coders according to your requirements and ensure that the bandwidth of these offshore remote hire programmers remain dedicated to your business.

A great advantage of this mode is that if you have multiple requirements, these remote hires can be used in multiple projects simultaneously without compromising on the quality of the output. Additionally, since the project management will be overseen by our project managers, you will be provided with regular project updates and status reports. Our project managers are available for any clarifications or status meetings round the clock.

If you have questions or clarifications about our offshore remote hire IT resources, send us a email at