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Security Testing & Sealing InfoSecu Seal

Highly skilled, financially motivated hackers and criminals are targeting organisations of all sizes, including household name companies, and in the process causing financial loss, loss of customer trust, and damage to brand and reputation, which is very hard to recover.

Servers can be compromised and used as a botnet or zombie (Internet servers/computers that have been set up to forward transmissions (including spam or viruses) to other computers on the Internet. Usually they are part of large malicious activity performed by hackers and launch pad for attacking various server without interrupting your services, meaning sometimes you don't know but you are legally answerable!

Are you fit to resist today’s security threats?

The global threat environment facing most organisations today is creating a serious challenge for organisations of all sizes. Find out just how well prepared your applications and network are to resist these attacks with Ethical Hacking services from InfoFace. We’ll perform a vulnerability assessment of your applications, network, people, procedures, policies and may, on your request, exploit the identified vulnerabilities. This step, often called penetration testing or pen testing, is performed to demonstrate the consequences when these vulnerabilities were found and exploited by an attacker.

Have you considered the potential reputational and financial impact of a successful hacking attack on your organisation?

If yes, we work with you to review your current risks against your desired risk profile, and then provide a reliable, flexible road map that will help you manage your vulnerabilities.

Alleviate your security concerns by having InfoSecu seal InfoSecu Seal at your portal and let us be your security partner.

What is InfoSecu Seal ?

InfoSecu Seal

InfoSecu seal helps in many fold

  • to build confidence in our customer's customer that their data and information is professionally managed.
  • reflecting determination and commitment by our customer to protect their systems and users.
  • it identifies, automates and notify our security team in real time regarding certain threat without login to customer systems. This helps us in taking immediate actions, enhance client satisfaction and ensuring we remains ahead of our competitors by serving and securing our client faster than our competitor.

How to incorporate InfoSecu Seal ?

Just copy/paste a small secured script in the footer of your web services.


  • Analyse and Prioritize threats
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Penetration testing / pen-test
  • Implementation of Security Best Practises
  • Report gaps and high / medium / low severity
  • Closure on risks highlighted
  • Closure reports contains Action Taken, How to Test, Other observations, Caution & Recommendations
  • Provide InfoSecu seal and perform regular audits post initial risk closure ensuring prolong security and seal


  • Having end to end expertise be it hosting, operating system, networking, application language code, database, scripts etc.. from last 15+ years Job Consultancy
  • Our highly skilled consultants hold industry certifications like CISSP, CISA, CISM, GPEN, CPTE, OSCP, OSCE, OSEE, OSWE, OSWP, CREST, CPTS, CCIE, LPT, PCI QSA, ECSA, CESG CHECK and CREST
  • Be up to date of new information security threats and perform respective actions to minimize threats
  • Currently protecting > 20 clients servers, data and applications
  • Frequent attempts by unidentified personnel to attempt to break down services.
  • Spammers can use server for malicious or unlawful activities on government or large corporate sites.
  • Virus concerns.
  • Unsure of coding standards applied by 3rd parties.
  • The prospect of accessing confidential information is a powerful lure for hackers, and any security breach can have severe consequences for brands and bottom lines.
Our Services

We probe their defences and uncover vulnerabilities and weakness before criminals can find them and can significantly compromised the service.

Rigorous reviews and operational risk mitigation. Reported pen-test results with severity status.

Typical vulnerabilities tracked include cross-site scripting, which enables attackers to inject client-side scripts into web pages viewed by other users, and SQL injection, which is used to attack data-driven applications.

Ensure weak sessions, session hijacking, loose management of key files under public accessible roots, etc. were all tackled in shortest possible time

Provided InfoSecu seal InfoSecu Seal at their portal and perform regular audits post initial risk closure ensuring prolong security and seal.

Ongoing and Continuous Implementation of Security Best Practises to take care of new vulnerabilities reported by various international agencies and watchdogs working in security news and updates.

Securing Since Aug 2013
Security Breached Never since InfoFace joins us as our Security Partner
Customer Quotes

With InfoFace’s InfoSecu seal and Ethical Hacking capability we have the advantage of a partner with a broad view and enormous experience which a local portal lacks. Their security testing capability and security automation is not only assisting our customers to protect their interests but also assisting us to protect the ResumesWorld's brand every day

- Narayan Amrute, Director,

InfoFace has found significant issues prior to go-live, which would have been grave if they had been present in live applications. The security tests really proved their value in mitigating potential security issues

- Jolly Mishra, Marketing,